Fat Quarterly Issue 6

Chloe's Tumbler
I’m so excited to finally get to share this project! Tacha of Fat Quarterly contacted me months ago to contribute to Fat Quarterly’s newest issue. The issue focuses on alternative fabrics, and I was invited to submit a quilt made from voile. I hope you enjoy Chloe’s Tumbler. I had tons of fun making this quilt, and I hope you will too!

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Orange String Cathedral Windows

My first dabble with Cathedral Windows was back in December. Ever since then, I was hooked. My cousin Lynn wanted to learn to make one, and since we live on opposite ends of the state, I decided I’d just make her one. So here’s my second dabble with Cathedral Windows. A (late) Christmas present for Lynn.

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Holiday Swap

Our quilt guild had our first Holiday Party on Saturday! And with the party were fun freebies and a holiday swap! Here’s what I made:

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Chloe’s Quilt

This is Chloe’s Quilt. Chloe is my cousin’s newborn daughter, and the first of the next generation of kids.

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More Bee Blocks

Chugging along with my bees. It’s been pretty relaxing since it’s been my month!

Here’s Linn’s block for Bee Outside the Box:

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