April CD(s) of the Month + March CD review

So last month, I picked up the Outkast CD, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. I had been wanting this CD for awhile, but, when I popped it into my computer to listen to…well I guess my Outkast love has faded over time? It’s not even that old of a CD…I guess I’m just losing my interest in hip/hop. It’s still good stuff, maybe I just have to be in the mood.

This month’s CDs are coming in. We decided to splurge and bought 4. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Ray Lamontagne – Trouble
I decided to get Trouble because I really liked Ray Lamontagne’s second CD — Till the Sun Turns Black. Very very nice CD. Nicely mixed and nicely put together. And the ballads are really soothing. GREAT study music. So hopefully his first album is just as good. I listened to the first track already and it sounds promising.

2) Joe Satriani – Super Colossal
I’m definitely going through a Satriani phase (hopefully it’s a long phase, I’m liking it!). Dickson got me hooked ever since he loaned me a copy of Surfing With the Alien. So, Super Colossal is Satriani’s newest CD, and we saw a DVD with a performance of one of the tracks, so I’m really excited for this CD.

3) Steve Reich – Drumming
Steve Reich was introduced to me by my Mixing and Editing professor at UCSD (Professor Peter Otto). I already own his other CD — Music for 18 Musicians. All instrumental, but a great mix of rhythm, vocals, marimbas, and some strings. I heard Drumming was a pretty good CD, too, so hopefully I like this one as well. There’s this guy who sits outside of one of my lecture rooms at USC who doesn’t look like an engineer whatsoever (yeah yeah, stereotyping I know). He has curly red hair, a bright blue iPod, carries around a skate board, and wears baggy pants. The first time I saw him, he was literally BLASTING Music for 18 Musicians on his iPod. I could hear it loud and clear. Something about it…just made the scene very refreshing. Maybe it was his red hair.

4) Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place
A Strangely Isolated Place. Dickson found this CD by listening to his favorite iTunes Radio Station – Groove Salad. So, we got this CD. It’s pretty cool so far…nice surreal grooves. We’ll see how I feel about it in a month.

So WOW, 4 potentially great CDs! I can’t wait! I have to go make some room on my iPod now…

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