Summer Come Sooon!

Ah, I can’t wait till summer starts. It’s a time of no homework, working 40 hours a week (and therefore making more money than I am now), and did I mention no homework so I can do anything at night?

I recently bought a couple sewing books for this summer! I’m SUPER excited…one of them is all about SKIRTS! It teaches you how to create your own skirt patterns and such. I’m particularly excited about this one:

It’s a wraparound skirt with a cute tie in front. I really like this print, but I’ll have to go hunt for my own print some time…in fact I have to go find lots of fabric for this summer 🙂 YAY! I also need to find some cute ballet flats to go with all these cute skirts! *sigh* Lots of shopping to do, but I’m super excited!

Once I get comfy with that book, I’m going to play with the Sew U book…it has instructions for skirts, pants, and shirts.

Obviously I’ll be a skirt master by then, but I think eventually I want to make some pants. But they’re considered hard…so we’ll see.

I can’t wait till summer 🙂 No more homework then! I only have 4 more classes left next year until I’m done w/ my Masters, and then I’ll be FREE of my ghetto school. Just 4 more classes! It SHOULD HAVE been three, except the stupid department wasn’t offering things correctly this semester. ROAR. More on that some other time….

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2 Responses to Summer Come Sooon!

  1. Kel says:

    Thanks for telling me about your new blog, NOT. Butt-face.

    Lynn got the skirt book for her birthday!

  2. Lynn says:

    HAHAHA. Kel is hilarious. AHAHHAAH.. Lets make skirts from the book over the summer! We can keep each other on deadlines and compare how pretty they are!! I’ll even wait to make a skirt until summer, butt-face! Just kidding. Well not really. Just kidding about the buttface part. Ok, i’m going to subscribe to your feed now….

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