All Things EE

Well, as most of you know, I’m an EE major and a happily proclaimed nerd about it. So I thought I’d share some great stuff with you today.

Around the time I moved home, I discovered a wonderful clock on Cafepress:

That’s right, it’s my Pi Clock, which is beautiful because of

1) All the radian angles

2) It’s the UNIT CIRCLE!

As long as you can read an analog clock fine, the numbers won’t confuse you. And for a small wallet damage of $10.99, it’s awesome! If YOU’RE a fan of the Unit Circle, get one on Cafepress TODAY and we can be Pi Clock lovers together!

The other day, my t-shirt order from Insanely Great Tees arrived (FINALLY). It’s the Binary Tree! From far away, it’s totally normal, but once you get close up to it, ALL the leaves or 0’s and 1’s. Here’s me modeling the Binary Tree Tee:

Yes, I know my room is a bit cluttered…it’s Finals time, what can you expect?

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1 Response to All Things EE

  1. Lynn says:

    whoa. i thought I was nerdy, but you reach a nerdy I can only dream about….

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