No photo today, but life is exciting nonetheless!

I’m 5/9ths done with my Master’s degree! YAY ME! No more homework until August! WOOHOO!!

Dickson and I are going to Downtown Disney tonight to celebrate me being done for the school year. We’re gonna go to the Lego store and buy something to build hehe.

I drafted my first skirt pattern for Skirt Month, too! I’m going to target 2-3 skirts this month, but the problem is finding great fabric for it. Maybe my free fabric Friday win from Sew Mama Sew will have something.

Tomorrow, May 5th, is 24 Hours of Flickr, sponsored by Flickr themselves. You document your whole day in photos, and at the end of the day, you pick your best photo and upload it into the group pool. You have till May 21 or something to upload it. After that, Flickr people will pick a bunch of photos to publish in a book (publishing by Blurb–this book printing service looks really cool…Dickson’s playing with it for his portfolio!). If your photo gets into the book, you get a free copy of the book! Exciting, huh? I’m super excited because I’m going to San Diego and we’re going strawberry picking this weekend!

I’m so happy summer is finally here!

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