*drumming fingers*


I hate waiting for grades. It sucks. It’s like, why can’t they grade tests faster? I know, I know…professors and TAs have other lives, too, but so do I and my life says I want to know my grades NOW!

*sigh* At least school is done for the school year. I can wait until August to up my debt from student loans. Lovely how the government has INCREASED the allowable amount…that means I can actually cover all of my tuition, I think. Just 4 more classes! YAY!

On the flip side, Dickson graduated in March (he’s still waiting for his diploma haha…stupid UCSD is so slow), and now he’s job hunting. But the exciting part is that I finally got him his graduation gift the other day while we were shopping.

So, here’s a photo of us wearing both of his Oakleys:

Dickson's Oakleys

I’m wearing his Wiretaps. I really wanted a pair, too. But I found something else for me…I just have to get my contact lenses sorted out so I can wear them! Bah!

Here’s a closeup of his new ones:
Gold Reflections 2

Yep, that’s me in the reflection!

To celebrate me being done w/ school, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner (and for Lego Shopping). We ended up eating at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. It was DELICIOUS. I mean, I was in heaven. Dickson got this Pasta Jambalaya, and it was spicy and it had duck meat in it! I had a pecan crusted catfish…YUM. And the portions were pretty big! Too bad I didn’t have the camera with me. Oh, we also had an appetizer sampler which consisted of some coconut shrimp, these fried chicken ravioli things with a tomato pesto something sauce (yum!), calimari, and blue crab and artichoke dip. I wish we had room for dessert, but we’re gonna go again JUST for dessert some time.

Anyway, we also went to the Lego Store there and I picked up a Lego Technic Mini Loader building kit. It’s only 66 pieces. I call it a cute little dumptruck. It’s cute alright:

Lego Technic Mini LoaderYum!

Oh, and I picked up a new keychain, but it’s too cute to destroy on my keychains:
R2 D2 in black?

So overall, Friday was GREAT, and Saturday was GREAT. I even bought some new clothes while we were shopping. I found a great pair of slacks at Calvin Klein. They’re a taupe/brownish color, and I was kinda unsure at first but decided to try them anyway since the other color looked too light for me. Turns out, this color is GREAT on me! I’m so glad I discovered it!

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