What is this? A new car?

This weekend has been INCREDIBLY busy. Why? Because I finally took the plunge and replaced my Accord. Now I’m a proud proud owner of an orange (Corvette Orange, as I like to put it hehehe) 2002 Saturn SC2! And she’s all mine!

We bought her at Saturn of Riverside, after hunting around online for some nice older S series Saturn. Dickson helped me do all the research necessary for a used car, and when we found her online, I was smitten. 🙂 She’s young, too! 5.5 years old with only 41,000 miles on her! And she’s got all the great goodies I’ve always wanted. AND she has a sunroof!

I have a few more photos on my flickr. Just click on one of the photos to see the rest. Tomorrow we’re going to detail her and eventually I will be tinting her windows. So of course, you’ll see more photos.

For those of you who know my family, this is a HUGE change from our typical car buying endeavors. For one, she is the FIRST used car in my family. And secondly, she’s the first American car. It’s quite a big step, but the decision was well researched. And Dickson was the GREATEST help of all! All the advice and driving me around and just making sure I was 100% sure and happy.

I’m poorer now, but happy!

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6 Responses to Cars

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh now exciting!!! Let me know when she gets a name…

  2. Kel says:

    My car is better! HONDA FOREVER! At least until I get a VW bus. Then the Honda can be my “I don’t want to get stranded in the desert so let’s drive a reliable car” car.

  3. Dickson says:

    Honda hurts my feelings. +1 for the Plastic Fantastic.

  4. amatricis says:

    Kel, you mean it’s “I don’t want to get stranded in the desert or squashed like an accordion…”


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