Skirt #3 – Just in time!

Last day of May, and my 3rd skirt for Skirt Month is finally done (well, minus a hook/eye). Here’s the finished product:

I traced one of my skirts I have from Gap. The fabric on the original skirt was a lighter than this fabric, so the Gap skirt looked more limp. But this fabric brings out the nice shape. It does really well for twirling.

I found the fabric at Sew Mama Sew. It’s Alexander Henry – Gist of Gemini. I saw it and immediately knew I wanted to make a skirt out of it. I actually had the trim picked out, too…it was originally inspired by this dress at Macy’s. I wanted to use the flowery print and pair it with a brown fabric w/ pink polka dots. I was only able to find the desired fabric online, but by the time I finished Skirt #2, it was too late to order online. So instead, I went to Joann’s to hunt for it. They recently opened a Joann’s Superstore near my house, so I figured I’d find it, or something close. Well, it took a few trips and I finally gave up on the brown with pink dots. During those few days, everywhere I went and saw clothes or fabric, I kept thinking “brown with pink dots!”


Then, I dragged Dickson with me to Joann’s one night because I had decided to go w/ a brown baroque satin and a pink or teal/blue ribbon instead. But he found the fabric that ultimately ended up on my skirt:

I love it. Who knew the finishing touch of my skirt would be picked out by my Designer Boyfriend

I finished the top of the skirt w/ a white bias tape, and I lined the skirt w/ pink liner because I love liners. I don’t know why…it does require more work.

The zipper turned out MUCH better than on my other skirt. I guess it’s because I finally decided to print out the Zipper Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew’s blog instead of trying to remember how to sew a zipper. Funny when we actually read instructions, huh? Oh, but instead of glue stick, I hand basted the zipper in place with some big stitches. The zipper was brown, so I used white thread. Made it easy to take out.

This skirt was SO tough to hem. Probably because the brown fabric was thick and the skirt was wavy in some places. So I figured out a way to hem it that involved a lot of pins, and also involved some stay-stitching to indicate where the first fold of the hem would be

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4 Responses to Skirt #3 – Just in time!

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh it looks super super cute! I LOVE the fabric.. i will be hunting for it at Joann’s now!

  2. Kristin says:

    Terrific! I love the two fabrics together.

  3. amatricis says:

    Cousin–It’s in the brocade section, I think. Near the Chinese-ish prints.

    I love that BOTH of these fabrics are machine washable…’s like my #1 fabric criteria lol

  4. Nash says:

    Nicely done. I really like the prints.


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