Cousin tagged me to do this “list 7 random facts about you and then tag 7 people to do it too” thing. So, I’m gonna try my best. I don’t have 7 people though…

1) I eat my sandwiches/burgers upside down. That is, in the case of a burger or sub, if you were watching me eat, you’d see the bottom side of the bun/bread.

2) I actually bought myself a $100 purse.

3) I own an old iMac Flower Power G3. She’s awesome! Dickson bought her off of Craigslist and fixed her up for me 🙂

4) I have a scar on my right foot from tripping while eying a pretty blue Mini Cooper at school.

5) My only Digital Comm book I own is actually sitting on my dad’s bookshelf at work and has consequently been added to his collection of multiple Digital Comm books.

6) When I was little, I ate butter and jelly sandwiches. I don’t care what you think, it was delicious!

7) I can sometimes make (occasionally, it’s unwillingly) whatever joint is is near my sternum/ribs crack.

KELLYANN, you’re tagged! I’ll try to think of more in the mean time…

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2 Responses to Tag!

  1. ahavajora says:

    Butter and jelly doesn’t sound like an odd combination. Its especially good on toast. Peanut butter with pickles and parmesan, now that would be weird. Not that I would know anything about that…

  2. Lynn says:

    OK, those are hilarious. Why can’t I think of stuff like that? I’m going to need some explanation on this purse… sounds super exciting.

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