CDs and other Misc. Stuff

So today…I tried to sew a headband. But, I made it too small and it won’t go over my head. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

We’ve been a bit behind on buying CDs, but we did end up buying and old Dave Matthews Band CD: Crash. So far it’s pretty good…I remember Dickson said it was a good CD, so since we saw it on sale at Target for $10, we decided to buy it. Last week. Better late than never hehe.

So the last CDs we bought turned out pretty good. I love love love Super Colossal, and Dickson’s always listening to Ulrich Schnass, and I actually like the first Ray Lamontange CD better than his second one. I think the only CD I haven’t really given a good chance to listen to was my Steve Reich CD. But that was mostly because the first track actually made my head hurt. Not because it was bad…it was very rhythmical. Something to do with the pitch or the frequency of the beat or something that actually caused my head to hurt when I listen to it. It’s like having someone literally drumming in your head. BUT, once it gets beyond that part, my head calms down lol.

But I think 4 CDs in a month is a bit overwhelming hehe.

Anyway, so Cousin, this next part is mostly for you about that purse I mentioned in my random facts post.

So in early April, I was in SD with Dickson and we went to the Carlsbad outlet to do some shopping. We wandered into Dooney and Bourke, and Dickson found this really really cute purse:

It’s from Dooney and Bourke’s Alto Collection. I simply refer to it as Dooney. After outlet pricing and it was on sale for 20% off, Dooney ended up being only a mere $100. She’s natural leather, and lined with a red felt/flannel like fabric on the inside.

Turns out, she retails for $245. I love the bottom of the purse. There are 4 metal nubbs, so when you put the purse down on a desk, the leather part of the bottom of the purse doesn’t actually touch the surface. And, on the side, there are two metal nubbs that are like buttons that hold the zipper down. Each nubb is 2 pieces and screw together. It’s really cool. Someone was definitely thinking when they designed this.

Oh, and a question for all you wonderful sewers out there…I found a Butterick pattern for a dress I want to make, but it looks like it requires 60″ fabric, not 45″. Is there anyway I can use 45″ instead? I don’t like using 60″ cause there’s always less selection…

Oh, and on another miscellaneous note, Monday we had Penny’s windows tinted. Pictures to come soon, hopefully…

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3 Responses to CDs and other Misc. Stuff

  1. Lynn says:

    hey cousin, let see, Dooney is super cute! I don’t trust myself with nice things like that… As for CDs, I think I average about 1 CD a year. I’m not really a CD buyer. And I agree, Crash is a great CD! Check here for a headband pattern. Her website is really nice too. For the sewing, I bet you could do it. The only thing is that the skirt part may be cut from one piece (like a circle skirt), but this person actually made the dress, so you probably could leave a comment and ask her. I have a feeling that she added the trim on the bottom because of that? Anyway, I really like that pattern too! It’s only my list of things to do…

  2. ahavajora says:

    Oh, I just made that dress with 40″-something muslin actually. I think I had 4 yards. The only problem is the width of the skirt. What I did was open the fabric and lay the skirt across the 40″ (which is okay with an even weave like muslin). The may be a problem with particular prints, so be careful when choosing fabric, but its totally possible.

  3. amatricis says:

    Oooh, I’ll have to ask her about the dress. I picked up the pattern last night, along with this one, but I couldn’t find fabric I liked. I might make the Butterick one out of this pretty brocade I found last time, or maybe a floral thing…I don’t know…*sigh*

    BTW, your comments kept getting caught by WordPress’ SPAM program hahaha…I cleaned it up this morning heeheee. And I deleted all your confused ones so you look normal HAHA!

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