My back hurts right now. Must’ve slept on it funny.

This weekend was pretty relaxing. Just sat around. I finally started on my sister’s graduation present. Dickson and I washed our cars and installed some new black Saturn logos on them. Then we were going to go to Santiago Canyon College to take some photos of the cars (they have some impressive new buildings), but they gated up the parking area now! So we had to settle w/ ho-hum FHS:

While we were there, we saw this guy walk buy with a backpack and his iPod. He jumped the school gate, and jumped back out a few minutes later. I wouldn’t blame him…who would want to go to be at school on a Sunday? He also was wearing Skinny Jeans. Yes, more proof that I think those jeans are a fashion disaster in the making.

You can’t really see Penny’s tint in these photos…I’ll have to get a better picture of that some time. It turned out really pretty, and it does wonders for the internal car temperature.

This week’s been kinda slow on projects, probably because I’ve been lazy. It should probably ramp up soon. The other day, we were just walking around Irvine Spectrum and we went into Urban Outfitters. Way off hidden in a corner, I found a HUGE stack of Amy Butler’s In Stitches. For $15. Sweet! Okay, only a couple bucks cheaper than Amazon, but INSTANT GRATIFICATION. It’s going into the project queue. Hahaha….

To conclude, here’s some photos of us:

I should cut my hair.

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1 Response to Weekend

  1. Lynn says:

    how exciting! You can join the Amy Butler In Stitches Sew Along. This month we’re making placemats!


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