Babies and other crafty things…

So, it’s been awhile, but I have gotten some things done. More like one thing done. My coworker’s wife’s baby is due soon, and it’s a baby girl! So I made the baby a few things…

First up, were baby blocks. They’re 3×3 inch cubes made from various scraps from my stash. Paisley really wanted to play with them though (I’m making her some tonight hopefully)…

We tied them together with some yarn (to keep them together and to hang them so Paisley can’t reach), so I guess it could even be hung over a crib, but I like the original purpose instead.

I also made a couple of baby bibs. In fact, I made TWO! One small one for the baby baby, and one bigger one for grown baby. Here’s the smaller one:

I’m surprised I didn’t have issues with the bias tape. Usually I give up on bias tape. But this one worked out alright. It came out kinda lopsided, but, I guess it adds to its charm.

Here’s big baby bib:

This one posed some issues for me. Originally, it required a snap button. But I had no snap buttons in my box, and neither did my mom. So, I had to improvise. At first, I thought I’d do a bias tape much like the baby baby bib, but I tried, and it didn’t work out so well, unlike the first time. So I had to redo the bib and sew the biastape inbetween the layers. <sigh> I probably sewed this bib three times before I got it right. It’s kinda lopsided, too! Haha, babies are lopsided, aren’t they…? 🙂

So that’s most of the crafty stuff. The bibs instructions I got from Poopockets (haha, such a great url name!) and the cube instructions came from good ol’ HGTV. I discovered that I love using rotary cutters when it comes to cutting squares. Other shapes, not so much. Most of the fabric came from my mom’s stash from when *I* was a baby. So much cool stuff! Some of the cutesy kid prints came from all the fabrics I’ve made PJ pants out of for Dickson.

Speaking of fabric, the other day, we had an employee store sale at work. Yeah, one table of logo stuff, and a lot of tables of random stuff. Anyway, I found some neat fabric for $1.00.

Except, I have no clue what to do with it! Any ideas? If I can’t think of what to make, I might just give it away. Not sure yet. There’s a bit more than a yard, I think.

Hopefully I have more to blog, soon. I just gotta buy 8 or 9 bags of stuffing so I can stuff Dickson’s Gumpdrop pillow. It’s all done, but….I just haven’t bought all that stuffing. I’m going to drag him there so he can carry all the bags out hahaha…I should get a picture, too!

On other

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