I need another vacation…

We just got back from our annual 4th of July trip to Yosemite! It was so much fun, even though it was SUPER hot. It took about 6 hours to drive there, and part of the time we had to do some road climbing, so Dickson turned the AC off 😦 We went to the river just about every day…the water was FREEZING. More photos to come but, here’s a few I have handy right now 🙂

Captain Morgan...

Dickson at Yosemite

Me at Yosemite

Before we left, I finished stuffing Dickson’s Gumdrop pillow. This pillow was fun, but kinda tough to make. I call it my pillow of optical illusions.
Gumdrop Pillow

First, I had issues sewing all the pieces together. Definitely not a sewing novice pillow, IMO. The top piece didn’t quite line up with each panel, and so instead of lining up the corners (because somehow, my panel widthes ended up not quite right upon final assembly), I rotated the top piece and centered (sorta) the corners on each panel, instead of on each panel edge. Then, the bottom was TOTALLY ugly, so I made a second top piece for the bottom. Whew! That saved the day. Dickson picked out the fabrics. At first I thought the denim was too yellow-tinted, but it worked out well with the fabric. I also embroidered the top piece with our pet names:

Embroidery on Gumdrop Pillow

I might make me the 18″ version (this is the 24″ size), but that’s for another day, after I finish some other projects. We used about eight one pound bags of stuffing from Joann’s (on sale for $2 a bag). I might have to put more to make it a bit firmer. But otherwise, I’d say the project was a success.

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1 Response to I need another vacation…

  1. Lynn says:

    I have to say the nose photo’s kinda weird. I also don’t have much to say because I was with you all weekend and saw these photos many times. haha.

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