Central Coast Vacation

Dear Dickson,

Can you believe it’s almost been a week since we left for our vacation? There wasn’t all THAT much to see in central California, but we still had fun 🙂 I posted our photos on my flickr, too, so you can share it with everyone!

I’d have to say the highlight of our trip was Jockos. What an epic meal!! Even the leftovers were good!

The next best stop was probably the Guadalupe-Nipomo sand dunes

Too bad we couldn’t do the dunebuggies in Oceano. I was super excited for that. We’ll have to buy a truck some time so we can go…. 🙂

Ostrichland was up there too. Funny looking birds, stupid eating style and lotsa dust flying around sure makes for a lot of fun!

Thanks for letting me go to the Hans Christian Anderson museum. At least now you know he wrote The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling.

And ooooooh, pea soup was great, wasn’t it? Miranda says there IS one on the 5, but I still maintain that the one in Buellton (where we went) was the original. I vaguely recall that somehow. Maybe my mind is making it up…

Lets see…what was not-so-exciting? Montana de Oro State Park was kinda a bust. But I guess Dad had good intentions when he told me about it. Apparently it was MUCH better before the huge sinkhole appeared…

And I don’t think I want to live in San Luis Obispo. Maybe we were in the wrong side of the town or something, but it seemed rather quiet for a Saturday late morning, didn’t it? The most exciting thing for you there was probably taking pictures of me walking in and out of the bathroom!

It’s okay though…I love taking vacations. Maybe during Labor Day we can go to the Grand Canyon…that should be more exciting…at least it’s a famous place! It can be another adventure for you, me, and Cheeks:

Until then…all I have to say is…I need another vacation!!!

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2 Responses to Central Coast Vacation

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Jocko’s looks super yum. I think San Luis Obispo is kinda a college town, so since it’s summer… When I went it was cute and I liked it. But I also like the lazy towns… must go with my lazy personality..

  2. Dickson says:

    Labor Day = Death Valley

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