Two Frenchy Bags for Two Awesome Ladies

May I say that I LOVE Amy Butler patterns? I’ve always been afraid to sew bags, but tonight I was able to finish not one, but TWO Frenchy bags!

There was some minor struggle with edges lining up once I assembled the pieces together, but overall, I’m happy with the way they turned out. The straps look really professional. I never thought of putting interfacing in all my previous bag strap attempts, but wow…it makes a HUGE difference!

Bag #1 was for my younger sister. She just graduated from high school and is about to start at UC Berkeley in the fall. I guess it’s good she chose Berkeley instead of UCLA cause…I mean, I do go to USC afterall 🙂

The original intent of this bag was the fabric itself. Kel has always wanted a VW bus, so I got her some of the Lightening Bugs fabric. I just had no clue what to make. So it was her job to decide. I think she got some ideas from our cousin, and the idea ended up being a bag. So it was off to the fabric store to find matching fabric. We spent a couple hours there (yikes!) and we walked away with some pretty crazy fabric. But I think the chickens work, don’t you? Here’s the inside:

I think the big dots for the lining add to the retro feel. I think all she probably needs to carry in this bag is her 20 some Beatles CDs……..okay, maybe just her iPod nano. Hey it’s red, too! They match!

Bag #2 was for my mom. When I showed her what I was making my sister, she wanted one too! So, I thought, sure, why not? When Kel and I went to the fabric store (yes, the 2 hour trip), Mom’s fabric was the EASIEST to find. I think I picked out all three fabrics faster than Kel could pick out her chickens and dots.

The inside of Mom’s bag is supposed to be like water. When I found the cranes (Alexander Henry fabric if you’re curious), I immediately wanted the lining to be like water. It worked out pretty nicely.

So here are the two bags, with their rightful owners. Kel’s will probably lead a hippie life at Berkeley (okay, it will probably carry her iPod and all her books for her English classes), and Mom’s will probably see the office a lot. But as long as they love it, I’m happy. I already have 2 of 3 fabrics picked out for mine 🙂

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2 Responses to Two Frenchy Bags for Two Awesome Ladies

  1. Lynn says:

    Haha, they’re so cute! I’m glad you liked the pattern… I haven’t tried mine out yet!

  2. just came over from the flickr pool…your mom’s bag is AMAZING. really fabulous.

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