Lots to do, but so little time…

Wahhh, it’s almost August. August is when I start school again. Well, it’s only July, but I have a 2 week vacation coming up, and then a week and a half before school starts! At least during school, my “weekends” are longer. Weekends last from Wed/Thurs through Sunday during those times. Whew!

So after I got home from work today, I spent most of my time drafting up a project for Dickson. It’s a secret though! I’m not telling him what it is because then he’ll say “I don’t need one” or “I don’t know when I’d use it” or “it’ll be too pretty to use”. The only people who will know what it is are probably my mom and cousin because I’ll undoubtedly need help with some aspect of the process, and my sister because she’s got nothing else to do this summer but sit around and read Harry Potter. Fortunately that’s useful because typically she and Dickson have COMPLETELY different tastes. So I just ask her what she likes and then do the exact opposite and Dickson will like it.

So here’s a list of projects/trips/activities I haven’t done but wanted to do this summer. Maybe I’ll get around to them some time…

  1. Sew a dress. Or 2. I even had pattern and fabric picked out.
  2. Sew my own Frenchy Bag
  3. Something from Amy Butler’s In Stitches (I’m eyeing the robe as of right now)
  4. Decorate my room walls (no point now, I’m beyond the half way point most likely moving out)
  5. Go to an amusement park (too hot!!!)
  6. Restuff my old quilt that I had to unstuff because my cat Josh peed on it.
  7. File away my Fall and Spring semester school stuff
  8. Figure out Dickson’s birthday present…..(this is fortunately in progress)
  9. Redeem my Costco rebate check

So what have I done…

  1. Bought a car.
  2. Went camping.
  3. Took a mini vacation with Dickson
  4. Sewed 3 skirts, some bags and a baby gift!
  5. Bought a couple CDs.
  6. Complained about the heat.
  7. Went to 2 graduations.
  8. Went biking…complete with my turtle horn.

Anyway, no post is complete without some photos, so since I’m sad about August coming up (I’m missing Dickson’s birthday again! WAH!), here’s a couple old photos of us celebrating his past birthdays.

19th Bday:
Dickson turns 19
Me, Dickson, and Eeyore #1

20th Bday:
Dickson turns 20

Don’t know where 21, 22, and 23 went…oh well!

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