Back from Taiwan!

Yay, we’re back from our Taiwan trip! Just in time, too! A big typhoon hit a day or two after we left. Whew!

Still have to sort through all my pics, but here are pics of the goodies I brought back 🙂

First, here’s most of the little trinkets I bought:

Also went fabric shopping. All of my aunts were kinda taken by surprise when I asked if there was a nearby fabric store. More like fabric HEAVEN! 3 stories of little shops aisle after aisle after aisle…

Trip photos to come eventually 🙂 I took a ton of photos.

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3 Responses to Back from Taiwan!

  1. Lynn says:

    Haha, the piggies are sooooo cute!! I’ll see you tomorrow!

  2. sel says:

    hi, just wondering, what is the name of the fabric store you visiited in taiwan?

  3. amatricis says:

    The fabric store place in Taipei is part of Dihua Street…that’s pretty much what the street is known for.

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