Taiwan – Part 1

So I finally got around to sorting out my Taiwan photos…so here’s a snippet of the first couple days! More photos in my Flickr, of course, and more photos to come! Stay tuned!

Day 1: Arrive at Taipei Tauyuan Airport, go to Jin Bao Shan, and Ju Ming Museum.

Taiwan Airport:

The airport was super empty when we got there at around 5 AM. Ugh, I hate long flights! But the airport was pretty! Definitely looks much more refined than LAX, that’s for sure…

Jin Bao Shan Cemetary:

Our first day consisted of visiting Jin Bao Shan, where our grandparents are buried. It was really pretty there…and the weather was nice! The hills were covered with elaborate graves, and stone carvings.

Ju Ming Museum:

Ju Ming Museum had a lot of cool statues made of stone and tin and random stuff. Here, we are trying to imitate the statue doing tai chi.

Day 2: Hanging out in Taipei.

Taipei was really, really, really…hot and humid. But, there was so much to do, I guess we just had to suck it up and deal with it. We did eat some really good food though throughout the trip. Yum!

Yummy Fruit and Shark Fin Soup. This fruit is soooooo good. Except they don’t have it here in the US 😦 Boohoo. We also had some real shark fin soup. It was good, but I kinda feel bad…oh well…not much I can do now, other than avoid more shark fin soup!

Big Familiy Photo. We met just about all of my dad’s family. Here are 4 of the sibblings with their husband/wife and a few of our cousins. Everyone was super nice and fun to hang out with.

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