Taiwan – Part 2 (Day 3)

Day 3: Tour around Taipei, Museums, and Gondola Ride

So on Day 3, my uncle (#1) took us around Taipei. We stopped at quite a few places, including the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial. It was SUPER hot that day…and the bare concrete at the memorial didn’t help with the heat. That day I probably almost got heatstroke…I quickly got a headache and was tired and short of breath and dizzy. Yeah, that was fun. The memorial is quite pretty though, minus all the pigeons:

We also went to the Natural History Museum and the National Palace Museum. The AC was GREAT. I mean, after all that humidity and heat, any AC is great. Some rain clouds came in, too, so it was refreshing. Although, we still spent most of our time inside where it was dry and air conditioned.

There were a lot of Japanese tourists at the NPM. You could see groups of them following a tour guide around. We saw a lot of pottery, scrolls, jade, rocks, etc. There was even a piece of jade that looked like a pork chop!

The front side of the museum is pretty. I think I like this white color buildings against the blue sky…looks really clean, even in the rain. Here’s a pic of Kel and Dad outside on the stairs…behind them, you can see steam coming out of the mountain from the rain.

Oh, and there’s also a pic of me, pretending to be a lion.

That evening, after eating a whole lotta food and meeting even MORE cousins, we went on the Maokong Gondola up the mountain. The gondola opened up this past July, so it’s super new! There’s a few stops on the way up the mountain you can get off, so we got off at the stop with the Zhinan Temple.

This temple is guarded by a god whose love for another was unanswered, so, he’s super jealous. And thus, couples aren’t supposed to visit the temple together. Ever. It’s a pretty elaborate looking temple, if you ask me.

I also got a great view of Taipei at night. And you can easily spot Taipei 101.

Stay tuned for Day 4! It includes a HUGE family photo shoot and Din Tai Fung…

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2 Responses to Taiwan – Part 2 (Day 3)

  1. Lynn says:

    Ok first of all, I think it’s hilarious that you don’t have a photo of the actual chiang kai shek memorial.. just the gate. You’re so funny. The ceiling at the museum is gorgeous.. and this gondola is intriguing. That temple is a little too intense for me though…

  2. amatricis says:

    Hm….yeah…the actual memorial was blocked by some huge activity with some trivia, kids, and a raffle or something. That temple looks crazy huh?

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