Taiwan – Part 3 (Day 4)

Day 4: Tea, Photo Shoot, and Din Tai Fung

So, where were we? Day 4 was mostly consumed by a huge family photo shoot at a studio called Image at Sun. But, in the morning, we first went to go shopping for clothes (mostly just for fun), and I got this cute Chinese-style top, except it was cotton! Super cool, I love it! Kel bought a dress, and mom bought a couple new shirts, too!

On the way to the shop, we stopped at Ten Ren Tea Time…I bought some plum tea (I think mixed w/ green or black tea, I can’t remember):

It was super hot again! Ugh…I’m SO not a fan of humidity and heat. Once I got back here to the US, it was in the 80’s (great, huh?) and I was walking around with Dickson wishing I could whip out my umbrella…. 😦 But I guess it’s not “cool” enough here, so no umbrella for me 😦 Maybe if I go to Chinatown 🙂

Afterwards, we ate lunch, and, apparently were running late for the photo shoot. We were supposed to arrive at the studio at 1:30 because the girls all had to put makeup on and get all prettied up. I think we were at the studio from around 2:30 till about 7:30…ugh, it was exhausted! But I guess that’s expected when you have 16 people consisted of five families to take pictures of! And group photos too! Yikes! Lucky for us, the photographer let us take candid shots with our own cameras while he took the professional photos…

Then, FINALLY, we got to eat dinner, which was at Din Tai Fung…the best little steamed dumplings EVER! We actually have one here in Southern California, but it’s still a pretty long drive (1-2 hours I think) to get there, so I haven’t actually gotten to eat there yet, but the one we went to in Taiwan was the ORIGINAL! Wheee!!

And as if we didn’t eat enough, afterwards a few of us went to get Mango Ice. YUM YUM YUM:

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1 Response to Taiwan – Part 3 (Day 4)

  1. Lynn says:

    Mmmm! Mango ice is my absolute favorite!!! Your post makes me hungry!

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