Taiwan – Day 5 and 6

Day 5: Exploring Northern Taiwan

So on the 5th day of our trip, oldest uncle took us around the northern area of Taiwan. But FIRST, we ate lunch:

Mmmm! I love these noodles. Looking at that photo makes me hungry!!! SO SO SO GOOD!

With a full stomach, we were off to a mountain that was home to a gold mine a long long time ago. You drive up these winding roads in the company of small motorcycles and huge tour buses and you get to this tiny alley full of tourists, food, and shopping.

It was SUPER crowded and humid. But I drank some almond drink, wintermelon tea, and sugar cane water to keep cool. We also ate some pretty good ice w/ rice ball type things:

The servers kept loudly saying “come in, come in! There’s a view! And we have fans/AC!” Haha…I guess it worked, cause there were quite a few people there. In the winter, they serve this dish in sweet hot water instead of ice. But the toppings stay the same.

Afterwards, we drove down the mountain, stopping to check out the views every once in awhile. At one point, the mountain deposits a lot of junk into the ocean…so there’s this part of the blue blue ocean that’s brown:

It’s been like that for hundreds of years. They say the water in the rivers on the mountain are very toxic from the deposits. No drinking from the river!

So here’s a view of the northern tip of Taiwan:

We’re standing on the 2nd most nothern tip, and you can see the northern most tip here in the picture. It’s so pretty! The water is so blue!

That night, we went to the night market to eat tempura. It was delicious. It came with mostly tempura, some dikon, and pig blood…but I didn’t eat the pig blood…too exotic for me!

Day 6: Dan Shui Fisherman’s Warf

The next day was the morning after the first typhoon hit. Fortunately, most of the typhoon hit the southern part of Taiwan, so it wasn’t too bad…we just got some nice rain. Cooled down the city, which was nice for a change.

At the Dan Shui Fisherman’s Warf, there’s this small white bridge you walk across and you can get some nice views of the sea after you’ve crossed it. You can even see Taipei from there!

Unfortunately, it was quite windy and sprinkling a bit still from the remains of the typhoon, and my umbrella refused to cooperate…..

Oh well. It was bearable. At least it wasn’t pouring!

After looking at the sea, we walked around and found these funny trees. One of them used to grow around a BIG rock. Then, they decided to move it to a new location (where it is now), but didn’t bring the rock with it.

In fact, there’s a sign posted about the actual details, but I can’t read it…Kel can try though:

…heeheehee, I like that picture. It makes me laugh.

After that, my aunt took Kel and me back to the apartment…but as soon as we got off the train, we saw the steam bun lady had just started selling the buns! YUM!! You can get 4 types….vege, meat+vege, pickled vege+meat, and I forget the 4th type. Deeeeelicious though!

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2 Responses to Taiwan – Day 5 and 6

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh Taiwan. So fun. And so delicious.

  2. amatricis says:

    Mmmm, yes, delicious!

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