Labor Day 2007

Last weekend, Dickson and I celebrated Labor Day.  Better known as “Kristine doesn’t have to go to USC to sit through 4.5 hours of class” day.  We couldn’t find my parents’ BBQ grill (funny…it’s pretty big too!), so we finally decided to go to Barbeques Galore to buy me a small Weber Smokey Joe, whom we’ve loving named as Sputnik.  Smokey Joe is 14″ in diameter.  And a hard worker!  We BBQed 5 drumsticks and thighs, and two ears of white corn.  We also drink 2 cans of Coke, a few cups of ice tea, and sweated out probably a gallon of water. 

But it was delicious!  So here’s some pics 🙂

Afterwards, we were sitting outside, enjoying the cooler night air, and we saw a grasshopper land by the pool.  So we investicated and took lots of photos.  Here’s my favorite shot:

We also discovered that there’s a female black widow spider living in the corner of the pool.  SO SCARY.  I was sitting near that corner during the day with my legs in the water to keep cool earlier…and then she comes out later at night!  Bah!  Thank goodness I wasn’t in the water THEN!  Yikes!  And on the other side of the jaccuzi, a male black window had a web sput coming down from the tree to the ground.  Ugh, SCARY.  Dickson almost ran into that web, too!  ICK!!  I’m not a fan of spiders!  Let alone juicy looking ones!  And poisonous ones!  YUCK YUCK YUCK!

No more holidays till Thanksgiving 😦  But Labor Day was super exciting (and relaxing…a whole 6 hours dedicated to sitting, drinking, and eating!!) b/c it was my first time really BBQing w/ Dickson 🙂  Hurrah!

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2 Responses to Labor Day 2007

  1. Lynn says:

    Mmmm I love BBQ! Glad you guys had fun!

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