Some Random Thoughts

So I dropped my first grad class. Ever. I haven’t dropped a class in SO LONG. It felt SOOOOOO good afterwards! I was a happy girl! Now, instead of 3 classes back to back, I have a break inbetween two classes. Instead of spending almost 4k on a class taught by an inexperienced new post-doc, I get to walk around campus and look at the buildings and the sky while I drink water/ice tea/coffee.

During my break the other day, I decided to make a list of my unfinished sewing projects…

…holy crap.

It’s HUGE.

We’re talking about 15+ things I haven’t finished but I have in my mind to start or I’ve already bought fabric AND prewashed it and now it’s just sitting in my fabric bins. These include Dickson’s birthday present (top of the list and SUPER late…it’s the only thing I’ve been working on!), Miranda’s going away present, a Weekender Bag, my Frenchy Bag, my sister’s tote bag made from fabric we got in Taiwan, a scarf, an accessory pouch, a dress, a skirt…..

<deep breath> Right. I guess I should plan things out. It’s a bit overwhelming. Did I mention I want to buy a new sewing machine?

Some of my favorite Taiwan pics will hopefully be posted soon…they’re from our trip top Taipei 101. I got some pretty neat shots…lots of cool clouds since a typhoon had just passed the night before.

Speaking of pictures….I have a new digital cam en route to my excited little hands! Wheeeeee!!! I also ordered a camera bag for it, too! I’m super excited! HURRAH!!!!

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1 Response to Some Random Thoughts

  1. Lynn says:

    I can’t wait to see photos from your new camera! I have way too many projects too… I’ve kinda given up on counting them…

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