Bags Galore!

What’s this? I actually finished something off my list?



lost count) Mystery Bag

lost count + 1) Kel’s Bird Bag

Totally forgot to post this fabric, but Kel picked out this awesome bird fabric while we were in Taiwan on my one-morning fabric warehouse trip. So, here’s her not-so-structured tote bag with lotsa pockets:

Made up most of the design myself. I did find some tutorials to give me an idea of how to approach it…mainly this one from Cathy of Knitting Caboodle. I also used her tutorial on how to close the top seam–that is, not the traditional way. I like it…it did take some more work though.

I had it in my head that the pockets on the inside should be on the OTHER side of the bag than the pockets on the outside. But as soon as I put some of my notebooks in to test the bag out, I realized…not so good. Oh well, I guess you can call it part of the bag’s charm. This bag will be shipped to Kel some time next week hopefully…complete w/ Hamlet and Zoombinis!

The OTHER project I finished is a special project for someone. But here it is regardless! Hopefully it doesn’t ruin the surprise 😀

Yep, it’s the Amy Butler Frenchy HANDbag. The bottom is made of a really cool brocade I found at Joann’s the other day. The top is fake suede, and the inside is also lined w/ the same suede, except the inside of the pockets are lined w/ black satin. Sorry, it’s too dark to take pics of that. Just picture it in your head and say, “ahhhh, fancy!”

Actually, this bag was tough because of the fabric. The brocade wasn’t so bad. The suede…MY GOODNESS. It’s floppy, funky textured, moves around easily. And then the satin! Then combined WITH the suede! Yikes. Lesson: stick to cotton! Although it did come out pretty nicely in the end…

More Taiwan pics to come soon 🙂

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1 Response to Bags Galore!

  1. Lynn says:

    Your bags look so nice! Maybe I should work on my UFOs…

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