Taiwan – Day 7 and 8

Lots of pics today… 🙂

Day 7: Food, and Taipei 101 Lower Levels

So this day was spent mostly wandering around Taipei 101’s mall in their first 4 levels. Which was great, except, the higher we went, the more expensive the stuff got! We ended up just eating snacks.

We first found a bakery, and Kel bought some Chinese bread…yum! Apparently though, that shop, after 9 PM all the people who work in Taipei 101 get everything 50% off! Darn! We also found some delicious fruit! It’s crunchy like an apple, but not as dense. But it’s oh so good! I could eat those every day. Yummy!

It also happened to be Father’s day. At the first level, there was this really cool display:

Pretty nifty, I’d say. Afterwards, we walked around the building awhile…it’s quite a pretty building, but it sure does stick out. None the less, we did have fun gazing up watching the building sway (okay, maybe it just looked like it was moving):

But all of a sudden, it started raining. So we had to run inside and hide. Amazing how the weather can change really quickly.

Day 8: Yang Ming San, Taipei 101 again

The next day, we went with one of my aunts to Yang Ming San. Yep, that’s right, you can see Taipei 101 from here, too:

We had a delicious meal there, too! They grow everything there, so there are little restaurants every once in awhile, and man…the food was good! We also stopped by some view points and little attractions…like this big huge clock:

Anyway, so after that morning excursion, we ran off to go to the top of Taipei 101. Well, more like the 89th level, where the observation deck is. That was super exciting. So we went up, and you basically could walk around the entire floor…360 degree view. So, here’s my favorite shot I got:

And here’s me, Dad, and Kel:

And here’s a list of the world’s tallest buildings, starting with Taipei 101:

Apparently, in a couple years, there’s gonna be a building taller than Taipei 101. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. But at least I can say I’ve been in the tallest building in the world (when it was the tallest!) haha!!

In the food court downstairs, there’s a circle of tiles with various cities engraved on it. You know, big cities like, LA, Rome, Paris, etc. Yeah, and this one too:

THAT’S RIGHT! My dinky little down is engraved on the ground! HAHAHAHAH!!!

That night, we went to eat shabu shabu, which is basically hot pot but you get your individual pot. Super exciting…you have a time limit (2-2.5 hours, I forget), but basically it’s all you can eat. Yummmmmy:

That’s it for today!

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2 Responses to Taiwan – Day 7 and 8

  1. Lynn says:

    Ohmigod, i LOVE lien oos! No idea how to spell it. I’m so jealous you got to eat them… they’re more in season in winter, so they’re a lot cheaper then, but i spent so much money on those fruits when I went back a couple years ago during the summer! YUM.

  2. Kel says:

    Mm….shabu shabu. I really miss that. I miss Chinese food. I feel really deprived right now!

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