A note…

Dear Cousin,

Today I went to a fabric store that wasn’t Joann’s and was about 4 miles from my house. It’s a quilting fabric shop and they have TONS of stuff. Next time you visit me or are down here in Southern CA, we’ll go 🙂 I spent an hour there today. This is probably REALLY bad for your fabric diet, but…oh well! It’s a small shop but jam packed with shtuff. On the 20th of every month, everything (minus sale stuff, etc) is 20% off! And, on Fridays, fat quarters are 20% off! AND, during your birthday month you can draw a coupon from the store for a coupon 15-25% off for the ENTIRE MONTH.

Very, very bad for your fabric diet. Well, mine too. I really need to hold back on the fabric shopping. I did pick up some fabric for Mom’s bday/xmas present today though.

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3 Responses to A note…

  1. Lynn says:

    Oooh the fabric for your mom’s bday/xmas present is nice! And that’s super exciting that the fabric store near you is exciting. OH. Did I tell you that the Purl Soho Warehouse is in Tustin? I think it might even be on Red Hill. Apparently you can request a tour and buy stuff! So now we have at least 2 stores to visit when i go down….

  2. amatricis says:

    NO WAY! A tour? COOLNESS! Next time you visit we totally have to do that!

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