More Camera Photos

So the other night was a full moon. Except we realized after awhile that the full moon, while really pretty to the naked eye, is just plain boring to take photos of. <sigh> So, we drove to a nearby lookout point instead and took some pics of my oh so exciting city. This was Dickson’s first time playing withe my camear, so that was fun 🙂

We live near John Wayne International Airport, so at night you can see a lot of airplanes landing. This made for lots of fun because we had lots of longe exposures 🙂 You can see the string of the airplane light down the middle of the photo.

The string kinda looks like a piece of yarn w/ a few knots going down its length. Those are from the blinking light of the airplane! Wheee…

Then we could also see Tustin Market Place from the viewpoint. It’s where all those pink lights are.

And then, an alien attacked Tustin Market Place:

Oooooooh, ahhhhhh! Hahah…something about this photo is so neato. Other than that it practically blinds me when I look at it haha.

Then I let Dickson play with the camera some more and he took a couple shots before my battery died. <sigh> I need a backup battery hahaha…

I like the car photo 😀 This is the street right next to the view point…there’s only one light and the moon (you can see the light in his car window kinda).

So, more Taiwan photos hopefully soon….the next few days only have a few fun photos so it should be fast haha…which is good cause I’m starting to forget a lot of the details!

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1 Response to More Camera Photos

  1. Lynn says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new camera! Chris says that your profile photo freaks him out…

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