Taiwan – Day 9-12

So more Taiwan photos today! Almost towards the end of our trip.

Day 9 – Hang out in Taipei

So if I remember correctly, we just relaxed on the 9th day. We went and ate and wandered around town. A couple of Dad’s old classmates arrived and I guess they knew most of our family, so we had dinner with them. It’s neat to see random things you’ll find around Taiwan. Different from America., that’s for sure.

Here are some mini Starbucks coffees at the local 7-11.

And instead of mini yogurt drinks like the teeny tiny ones they sell at 99 Ranch, 7-11 in Taiwan sells BIG versions:

We saw a fruit vendor on the street peeling a pineapple, REALLY fast:

The blade was SUPER sharp. We also saw some more fruit….like my favorite!

MMMM!!!! DEEEEELICIOUS! I’m holding a bag open for my aunt…we bought 8 of ’em πŸ˜€

Day 10 and 11: Reunion

The next two days were basically Dad’s college reunion. Basically the whole catalyst for why we were in Taiwan during typhoon and humid season. <sigh> We had to catch a tour bus at 6 AM…and we basically spent the whole day on the bus. What made it even MORE *perfect* was that it was pouring rain. I washed my sneakers that got all dusty from Yosemite though.

Here’s me on the bus. Yeah it’s SUPER early. And I’m not very pleased. Why, you ask?

That’s right. Your eyes do not deceive you. They were singing Karaoke at the crack of dawn. Into some loud microphones. And there are speakers down the ENTIRE length of the bus. I kid you not.

Anyway, the reunion took place at Ali San, which is a mountain. And it was pouring rain:

Yeah I know that looks like fog, so here’s me and Kel in some ponchos.

Now, not that I’m the most fashionable person, but I think it’d take a lot of rain to convince both me and my sister to don these ugly yellow down to your ankle ponchos. My umbrella kept flipping backwards too! Except it REALLY sucked this time because my feet were soaked and my glasses were misty from the rain! Bah! This picture was taken on our way DOWN the mountain (that’s right, imagine a large tour bus going down a winding mountain road in the pour rain….), so that means there was even MORE karaoke.

We eventually stopped for lunch, which was huge, but dessert was delicious even though I was *way* too full to eat anymore. Imagine a table big enough to seat 10, but only seating 7 (we were in the smallest table…there were two other big full tables). Which is fine, but of course, there’s 10 dishes and two soups and then dessert. Yeah, 10 people can barely handle that, let alone 7. But here’s dessert! Flavored mochi’s! My favorite was the chocolate one.

Day 12: Hang out and do nothing, then go to the night market

Having traveled for 2 days in the pouring rain, it was SO nice to be back in humid-Taipei. We spent the day just kicking it. Played with Anne’s cat, Bambi. Bambi is so cute:

Then later we went to the night market, and we got me and Dickson some personalized seals:

The one of the left is Dickson’s, the one on the right is mine. Yeah they kinda look the same but they’re different, trust me πŸ™‚

Oh, but the funniest thing in Taiwan I think is the cars. Here we always see riced up Honda Civics, but in Taiwan, they go ALL out. On Kias. And instead of Honda Civics turned Acura/BMW/etc, they have Kias tured Ferrari:

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  1. Lynn says:

    Haha, love that car. And whenever I read your posts about taiwan I just get hungry

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