New Shoes

Been awhile since I posted….school’s been busy, I’ve been slacking and then rushing to do big homework assignments at the last minute.  My goal these next couple weeks is to NOT do that since I have midterms coming up…BLAH.

Anyway, I’ve been hanging out in SD the last couple weekends with Dickson.  We picked me up a couple new pairs of shoes while we were there 🙂

The Converses are Converse All Star Deluxe Lace.  Originally saw them at the new DSW in Tustin, but Dickson convinced me to sleep on the idea of buying them…they were $50 at DSW.  Which is great because I discovered they were only $40 at Kohls.  Yeah that’d be my first time going to Kohls.  Ever.

Purple pair are a pair of Pumas…yipeee!  Purple shoes!  I finally have purple shoes!  Picked them up at the Carlsbad Outlet for $27.  They’re SUPER comfy.  Did I mention they’re purple? 😀

Here’s the back of the shoes…along w/ my super old teddybear that Dickson bought me after we were dating for a month……

In other shopping money spending news, I picked up one of these cute cordoroy jackets from Gap the other day.  In dark green.  Beautiful sheen.  I love cordoroy.  I hope it seriously comes back into style big time this winter so I can pick me up some pants!!!

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1 Response to New Shoes

  1. Lynn says:

    I love new shoes. Obviously.

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