The weather’s getting cooler…

So it’s been chilly lately…overcast and cloudy. In fact it finally REALLY rained for the first time in a long time this past weekend.

Recently finished up two scarves…one for me, one for Kel. In our wonderfully clashing school colors. I made them from this free pattern online, but I find skinny scarves to be somewhat useless, so I doubled the pattern (kind of) and here are the results:

I think Paisley agrees about the weather…she’s always more than happy to stay in the blankets the last couple days. Usually she’ll crawl out if you put a blanket on top of her.

Ooooh, and here’s a rare treat for you! A photo of Josh:

The other day we also bought Tubby a new friend. This is Towers.

Dickson found him at Barnes and Nobles while we were studying and so he brought Towers over to me and he kept us company while we studied. Well, by the time we had to leave we obviously had bonded w/ the baby giraffe and his nubby antlers, so we had to bring him home. I should probably stop going to BN before I collect the entire Ty Pluffies collection

See right now I should really be studying for my midterms. But I’m lazy. Don’t worry though! I’ll get it done! So in honor of “midterms” here’s my formidable bookshelf:

Yeah me!

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1 Response to The weather’s getting cooler…

  1. Lynn says:

    Paisley’s a cutie pie!

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