All Grown Up

Penny and I hit our 3000 mile mark not too long ago, and so I had Dickson teach me how to change her oil. Armed with 4 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, a wrench or two, two jackstands, and a hydraulic jack, I was ready to go!

We even sweeped the garage, too! I’m wearing one of Dad’s old buttonups from his “dress nicer to work” days. More like the “before bike jerseys became his favorite layering shirt” days. Anyway. So in this pic, Penny’s all lifted and Dickson laid a tarp underneath so the garage wouldn’t get stained from Penny’s pee pee oil.

Fast forward a couple hours and some elbow grease later….

I’m covered in oil but Penny’s all happy! I look a bit too happy considering I’m covered in used motor oil. Oh well! Hurrah! I’m all grown up now!

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1 Response to All Grown Up

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh wow. How exciting!!

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