Taiwan – Day 13 and 14

It’s almost the end of the trip! Here’s the last of the pics, although it’s mostly food hee hee hee. 🙂

We spent most of Day 13 (our last full day) wandering around just relaxing…I guess that’s all we’ve been doing for awhile. I guess that’s just what you do with family. I should do that more often, instead of…working and schooling hahaha…

Near my aunt’s house, there’s a shop that has a Japanese pig that sits outside. It was super hot that day though, so the pig was resting, not standing. We went to see it and we pet it a little (although it was kinda scary at first since you could see its teeth! So long!

Then, we wandered over to a bakery, because Mom wanted to buy pineapple cake thingies, but I was more interested in the yummy Chinese breads:

Mmm…delicious! So much variety…some weird stuff, too…but it was cool. The shop smelled gooooood…mmmm!!!!

That night we ate more delicious food…mmm…I’m hungry just thinking about it…sooo yummy, I’m gonna put them all on this post so you can drool over them too heehee…


So the next day was our “go to the airport” day. Well we didn’t actually leave till 5 PM since our flight was like in the middle of the night. We just packed and spent some last moments with the family. Some of them came over with cha sa bao and we ate a bunch before we left! Mmm!! There were SO MANY we actually brought some with us to the airport to munch on later…

Look at all our luggage!

The airport seemed SUPER empty. And we were there way too early because there was no traffic haha…oh well.

After we checked in we went to find the gate…

And then, after that we went window shopping. I bought a cute pin cushion (at the airport, go figure haha) and a fruity drink. Kel bought some Clinique stuff and we spent a good hour testing out different perfumes…

But that’s it! Fun trip but it’s great to be back home….no humidity, for the most part…

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2 Responses to Taiwan – Day 13 and 14

  1. Lynn says:

    Love the piggy, he’s cute!

  2. Lynn says:

    How exciting, you were featured as a link on Sew Mama Sew today!

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