Santiago and Witch Fires

It’s been a smokey few days here with the fire so close to home. Fortunately for us, it only got as close as the other side of the big hill behind us. And the wind is blowing it south, so, AWAY from us. Which is good. So so far, we’re doing fine…whew! Just inhaling some smoke. Today at USC, I was walking back up the parking structure…to the 7th floor. That was fun. Not so fun for the lungs though.

Dickson and I finally decided to go check out the view of the fires. It looked like a volcano.
Santiago Fire
This is around the Santiago Canyon/Silverado Canyon area. Also near the Oakley Headquarters. Dickson’s rode his bike in the burning area before…should make for an interesting scenic ride after the smoke and fires have come and gone…whenever that is.  Look closely at the photo and you can see Orion.

Here’s a view of the lovely smoke surrouding Orange County. This is from my house. It looks like a pretty sunset sky, but that cloud is really smoke.
Santiago Fire Smoke

The Witch Fire in San Diego has Dickson staying up here with me. Tons of people were evacuated in San Diego…it’s like a repeat of 2003. Scary to think about. He drove up on Monday afternoon and took a pic of the freeway…
Witch Fire Smoke
Ew. Smoke. And a crowded freeway.

We looked up the statistics for the Cedar Fire back in 2003. Started on October 25, 2003. Contained November 3, 2003. Finally controlled on December 5, 2003. Yikes. Hopefully this time it won’t take as long.

I need some filtered air.

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1 Response to Santiago and Witch Fires

  1. Lynn says:

    SCARY! So glad that the wind isn’t blowing your direction!

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