Cute Eye Candy and Bags

More Lounging

Paisley says hello.

Actually, earlier, she was incredibly hyper and rolling around kicking and meowing for unknown reasons. I Finally got her to settle down in her Amazon box. All is quiet again.

Sneak peak at part of my swap with Cousin:
Knitting Bag Bottom

Update: Since Cousin told me she got the package, I can post the pictures I took now!

Open Knitting Bag on Bench

The bag is made from Lisa’s tutorial at U-Handbag. I found the awesome alien fabric at Joann’s.

I put in an extra zipper compartment using Lisa’s zipper tutorial, too. I skipped the bagfeet because 1) I couldn’t find any locally, and 2) I was lazy. But, I used some embroidery thread to hold the bag bottom down (see the sneak peak photo above) and it worked out nicely.

Here’s a pic of the bag open…you can see the cool lining fabric, the cool yarn, and the cool zipper compartment with the “matching” blue zipper…

Knitting Bag with Yarn

There’s a few more photos on my flickr page

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1 Response to Cute Eye Candy and Bags

  1. wonderful bag !
    and so pretty cat !

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