Donuts, anyone?

Peekaboo Donuts

Okay, okay, I couldn’t help myself. When Sew Mama Sew posted Julie’s Chocolate Felt Donut tutorial, it was just too good to pass up. So instead of doing “productive gift sewing”, I made 4 felt donuts. What flavors you ask?

Chocolate Icing + Sprinkles
Glaze + Sprinkles
Chocolate + Strawberry Icing + Sprinkles


Mmm!! Donuts!

Aside from the fact I have to hide these every time Paisley comes into the room, they’re great! I guess I could make some cat-safe versions and skip the super shiny unrealistic sprinkles, but do I really need more donuts? 😀 I might have gone a bit crazy with the sprinkles, too…

They were SUPER easy to make. The most difficult part being sewing the hole. I guess I’m just bad at it…but felt is VERY forgiving, so it worked out. I’m glad they turned out circular and not like…elliptical or even worse–square shaped!

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6 Responses to Donuts, anyone?

  1. Lil_Birdie says:

    These are just too cute
    I bet your kitty would love one stuffed with katnip 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    Those look great cousin! Hopefully after this week I can finally get started on your gift/swap. Ugh. My project is due at 2:30 today…and I’m still procrastinating!!

  3. Melody says:

    I’m one of Lynn’s quilting friends. ^_^ Ran into your blog through hers.

    I just want to say these donuts are soooo super cute!!!! *wants to make one now but wouldn’t know what to do with it*

  4. HUMMMMM thank you very much for the tuto link !
    ti’s so cute

  5. MS in Electrical Engineering and Crafts??? YAY! I’m super inspired by you. 😀 I’m an MS in Computer Science (which isn’t as hard as EE, but hey) and love crafts too…like your donuts! 😀

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