The Search for the Perfect Outfit

Dickson and I are going to Vegas in December for a few days. On the agenda includes one fancy schmancy dinner date. That means, I need to find a dress.

The search started last week on Black Friday. I went shopping and didn’t pick up much, other than a few couple gifts and 4 tank tops, and two DVDs (yummy James Bond).

But no dress. At least, not the perfect one. Or one that didn’t make me look like a round ball of chiffon or satin. Finally, I gave in and decided to dig through my dress stash that I’ve accumulated over the years. Yeah, either I’ve outgrown them mentally or physically. Great, great, great…

So what do you do when your dresses don’t “fit” you and you can’t find anything? For me, the answer is “have Dickson go shopping with you.” The picky eye of the designer could potentially be a mixed blessing. Some dresses you think would look good, I wasn’t allowed to even take off the rack. Some I got this face from him saying “uhhhhh….no.” But, a couple times we found some potential.

So, after a whole weekend of searching, here’s what we’ve acquired:



The shoes took awhile to pick out (and several trips to multiple shoe stores…I tried on SO MANY shoes). It came down to the chosen ones and this pair. Although, I still plan to eventually acquire the unpurchased pair. There was some major toe-cleavage going on, but, for some reason, it’s not very offensive on these shoes. At least, not to me, and that’s all that REALLY matters in the end right?

So, all we need to do now is:

1) find the perfect necklace

2) find a shawl/shrug/keepmyshoulderswarm item

3) make a potential purse (meaning I’m going to make it–red fabric already purchased–and then decide if I want to use that or use Dooney)

4) figure out how to do my hair

5) practice walking in the tallest heels I’ve ever bought in my life…

#5 is probably the most important. I guess we should pick out a restaurant, too. So much to do! And I have finals in less than 2 weeks! Ack!

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2 Responses to The Search for the Perfect Outfit

  1. Lynn says:

    Oooh, so exciting. I really like the dress and the shoes are cute too! Have fun! OH! I finally finished your swap, so feel free to email me your address (to both work and home). Otherwise expect a call from me soon! 🙂

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