Viva Las Vegas

We’re back from Vegas. And I STILL have that Elvis song stuck in my head….I’ve been singing it ever since I heard it while watching the Bellagio Fountain show.

We went to three places during our trip. Stop #1: The Strip.

The Strip is bright, busy, loud, and in general obnoxious. Aside from the constant dings from the slot machines and shuffling of cards and smell of cigarettes and cigars, it’s quite the sight to see. We stayed at the MGM Grand, on the 27th floor (there’s 29 floors total)! That’s 2 floors from the top! The elevator ride wasn’t too bad.

There are SO many pictures, so I’ll just highlight a few of my favorites. The rest can easily be found in a set on my Flickr.

View of the Strip:

You can see both the Coca Cola store and M&M World across the street. Yeah, I know, I have quite interesting priorities…

Inside NYNY Hotel Casino, there’s some ESPN Area. Here’s the entrance:

FAO Schwarz inside Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops:

This octopus was HEAVY. I could barely hold it above my head haha. I’m sure Dickson wishes we could’ve brought Mr. Octopus home…

Viva Las Vegas….GAH, that song seriously is going to drive me crazy! But here’s the fountain show. Pretty and amazing how high they can shoot up the water.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Dickson and I had a fancy dinner date. We ate at Fiamma. It’s an Italian restaurant inside the MGM Grand. Delicious. We had the to-die-for pear sorbet for dessert…mmmm. Anyway, so here’s us all dressed up:

I don’t think we got a good shot with me and my shoes. <sigh> Just imagine them. They’re pretty, and tall. We took quite a few photos, but I think I look ugly in most of them. Oh well.

One thing I did learn this trip, was Dickson’s great hidden skill.

Is that not THE best soft serve swirl EVER? This was taken at the MGM Grand buffet. I was SO full, but then he comes back with this beauty, so I couldn’t help myself….

…so I got him to get me one complete with sprinkles. So great. Those red stains on my napkin are from the baby back ribs…

Oh hey, and no trip to the MGM is complete without ALMOST touching some lion teeth:

Actually what they do is they have trainers inside feeding the lions. They walk around the perimeter of the glass enclosure and throw wads of ground meat on the glass. The lions go around following them and lick up the meat. Fun, eh?
Here we are before we left the hotel to go to our next stop (Hoover Dam):

Hoover Dam is one of the largest concrete structures in the US. It was built by President Hoover to hide Megatron and the All Spark in Lake Mead (which is one of the largest man-made lakes in the US). It helps generate a lot of electricity. More photos on Flickr.

There is a winged statue monument there. If you touch the toes, it’s supposed to bring you good luck. So what do we do as tourists? You obviously touch the shiny gold toes:

Red Rock National Conservation Area is northwest of the Las Vegas Strip, just west of a town called Summerlin. There’s a 13-mile one-way loop there with view points and such. This place is gorgeous (even in cloudy soon-to-rain weather). Originally, we wanted to go on our first day in Vegas to catch the early morning sunrise, but we didn’t have the energy to get up. So we had to settle for sunset instead. But, I think it worked out well. The clouds didn’t give the usual red glow that the sunset/sunrise in the area is known for, but, it did give some beautiful views.

Sorry there’s so many…I like practically ALL of them. 🙂 Anything else is on Flickr.

From the highest point of the loop:

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1 Response to Viva Las Vegas

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! And it looks COLD! It’s also good to see Capt. Morgan again.

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