A red bag for me!

Before my trip to Vegas, I whipped up a small purse to go with my fancy dinner outfit. Whipped up PROBABLY isn’t the exact wording I should use, as I managed to pick frustrating fabrics that couldn’t really be ironed, and I was eventually reminded of how I need a sewing machine that can sew through more than just a few layers of fabric and interfacing. Funny how I seem to keep running into that problem. The solution is always, to not use the machine and use my hand instead. Anyway, so here is the result:

Pleated Purse with Darts

It’s the Pleated Purse with Darts from Lisa of UHandbag’s tutorial. I should’ve known by reading the instructions that I’d be cussing at the bag (think pleats), and it didn’t help I was on a timeline, and the fabric issue that I mentioned above…

Anyway, the red fabric is that fancy holiday fabric you can find at Joann’s. This one has built in crinkles. I chose it because the flat version showed wrinkles TOO much. Not very forgiving. Although, not like this fabric was very easy to sew with to begin with. Think trying to sew fabric that doesn’t lay flat and keeping it so it doesn’t sew flat…right. Fun. GAHHH.

The white fabric is crepe-backed satin. It’s a bright white. I thought it looked cool, and it even peeks out on the front of the bag. Yeah, not 100% sure if I like that yet, but it does give it a contrast. Here’s the inside:

Pleated Purse with Darts

I didn’t put interfacing on the lining…I think that’s why the bag’s so floppy, but it does give the lining a nice soft luxurious drape to it (so I think). Maybe next time I should try velvet…why do I have a feeling that’s not the smartest choice either?

But, overall, it’s a cute bag. And I like it. And it was able to all necessary items for a date (wallet, phone, mirror, and lipstick). Here’s a parting front shot of the bag:

Pleated Purse with Darts

I wonder when I’ll get to use it next. You can see the bag in our picture from our date…it’s hiding there by the chair…

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1 Response to A red bag for me!

  1. Lynn says:

    oh it’s cute! I haven’t been brave enough to try those fabrics yet…

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