Mom’s Christmas Present

With Christmas come and gone, I finally have pictures of my mom’s gift that I made. I only made two things this winter for gifts–the following for my mom, and also something for my sister’s birthday, but that hasn’t past yet, so that will be blogged at a later date πŸ™‚

So, with the Christmas deadline nearing, I was scrambling to finish Mom’s stuff. But, I made it in time…so here it is!


The apron is Butterick 4945, view D. It was a pain to sew because the directions were somewhat vague. “Line up with symbols and…” Yeah, cept when I line up the symbols, it doesn’t come out like the picture! BAH. Well, after I took a DEEP breath, I looked at the picture, looked at the pieces, occasionally glanced at the pattern, and finally figured out what it was supposed to do (or so I think). I had the most problem with the sides and the facing….I started it on the 23rd, sewed all afternoon till evening dinner time. Then I just was grumpy so I stopped. Resumed the next day, and I finished it. I’m super happy with it.

I also embroidered “Super Chef” on the facing near the neckline. That way she can see it every time she puts it on πŸ™‚

And yes, the fabric is upside down. Yeah yeah, silly of me, but I guess we can say Mom can look at the fish right side up when she cooks πŸ™‚

Also included in her gift were these potholders:

They’re from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I skipped the grommet because my mom never hangs her pot holders. Surprisingly, my machine didn’t have any issues with these. At least not with the quilting part. I used Insulbrite and some cotton batting. It sounds crinkly haha…but I guess that will go away with time. Both potholders have the pink and green fabric. If it’s pink on the front patchwork, then it’s green on the backing…and vice versa. I really like these. Although, my machine DID have issues sewing the binding. Then again, I suck at binding. The thickness of the potholder made it tough for my binding to line up on both sides so I couldn’t finish off the binding with the machine edge stitch. It wouldn’t ALWAYS catch the binding on the other side. Stupid stupid stupid. So I hand sewed the last part. I seem to like handsewing lately. Hopefully it’s strong enough to hold.

The main fabric is a Robert Kaufman fabric.

<sigh> Last minute? Yes. Completed? Yes. AND my mom loves them. YAY!

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3 Responses to Mom’s Christmas Present

  1. Lynn says:

    They look so cute! The ninja fish are funny because they look like unhappy fish when they’re upside down!

  2. saraoke says:

    So cute! I made two of these for gifts, too, this Christmas (actually three if you count the first one I finally gave up on…) The directions were insanely vague, and I’m still not sure mine came out right! But yours is so, so cute.

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