Sewing 2007 and 2008

Happy New Year!!

Last night, Dickson was asking me what started this whole sewing craze. When I first met him way way way back in 2001 at UCSD, I hadn’t sewn in ages. Over the years, I made him a couple pairs of pajama pants, but I never really dove into sewing. It wasn’t until had graduated from UCSD and moved home that somehow the sewing itch came back to me.

I was looking at my flickr of things I’ve made this year, and I figured out where it all started. I had made Dickson a cute pair of Curious George PJ pants (and a matching cropped pair for myself!), and since I had the machine out of the closet, Dickson asked me to make a tripod case for his new tripod. And I guess things just continued from there. My cousin soon informed me that it was soon to be Skirt Month at Sew Mama Sew’s, and I just took off!

So special thanks to Dickson, Cousin, and Sew Mama Sew from bringing sewing back into my life 🙂

I re-picked up sewing in April 2007. Here’s a compilation of the fun projects I finished this year:

Completed PJ PantsTripod BagSkirt #1
New Birthday Bag FilledSkirt #2 FrontSkirt #3Baby Pillow Cubes Stacked
Baby Bibs!Gumdrop PillowCentral Coast Widestrap Shoulder Bag (brown side)Central Coast Widestrap Shoulder Bag (blue side)
Central Coast Widestrap Shoulder Bag (button closure)Two Frenchy Bags for Two LadiesBird Bag working hard!Kel's Bird Bag Outside
Mystery Frenchy HandbagGists of Gemini Scarf side 1Batik Scarf side 2Rivalry Scarves
Open Knitting Bag on BenchDonut LineupPleated Purse with DartsSuper Chef
Mom's New ApronMom's Potholders (Back)

So, 2008 has tons in store for me…

The other day, Sew Mama Sew featured my Holiday Meme and my Mom’s present post on their site. It was super exciting! So fun to have new blog visitors 🙂 Thanks!

First order of business is to buy myself a new sewing machine. I’ve been using Mom’s this whole time and it’s an old Singer 6105…older than me! Hopefully, I will have a new machine by the end of this month.

Christmas and my birthday just passed, and I got lots of new potential projects for 2008!

Books and Patterns

I had to exchange the Weekender bag for the Madison bag since I already have the Weekender bag pattern waiting to be sewn. So imagine the Madison bag in the above photo, too 🙂

I also got lots of Joann Gift Cards (darn it…I have the voice from the store ad for the gift cards stuck in my head now!) My mom got me this cool decorate-your-own-card version, so I put all these stickers on it and such…

Gift Cards

I also treated myself to some pretty/cute fat quarter bundles from Material Possessions–my new favorite quilt shop. They’re $22 a pop (8 pieces), so I don’t buy them normally, but since it was my birthday month, I also got 20% off. And, it was basically my birthday gift to myself.

Fat Quarter Bundles

One of these bundles is going to make an Original Scrap Bag, and another will probably be making some coordinating wall pockets. I have yet to decide what to do with the third bundle. Dickson says its good they make those…I suck at coordinating colors. FINE, I admit he does help me a lot with coordinating fabrics (like my Gist of Gemini Skirt!).

Oh hey, and another big thing for me this year–I’m graduating in May with my MSEE. I’ll be done with school finally (unless I’m crazy and go for my PhD right after, but that’s highly unlikely–I need a break)!

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3 Responses to Sewing 2007 and 2008

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, 2008 sounds so exciting for you!

  2. wow… you’ve done a LOT! you better be proud of yourself!

  3. yaly says:

    I like what you’ve done. It all looks awesome. I sew a bit myself, but I dabble in writing more often than not. lol. Great job!

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