Reading Pillow

So this was supposed to be my sister’s Christmas present, but I lost some very important buttons and thus could not give it to her for Christmas. Don’t worry though! Since her birthday and Christmas are somewhat close together, I did have her birthday present all picked out, so a simple swaparoo bought me some time to buy new red buttons…

Most of you should know this pattern is from Meg of Montessori by Hand. Great pattern to make. Easy instructions, easy pattern pieces, mostly easy to assemble. When I saw this pillow on her site, I imagined my sister using it to read that ridiculously huge book called Harry Potter…

I originally wanted to score some Dr. Seuss fabric, but since that stuff is out of print, the prices were ridiculous on Ebay! So that was out of the question. Fortunately, Dickson found this great Clifford fabric (along w/ some great Thomas and Friends fabric–more on this another day) and it worked out. He suggested that I replace some of the ribbons with custom ribbon made from the fabric. Since it was sold in panels, I was able to use exactly 1 panel to make this, minus the ruler ribbon and the yellow trim fabric for the lining and cording.

Speaking of cording. Oiiiiii. Yeah that was the biggest challenge of them all. I was limited to the invisible zipper foot I had (no zipper foot on hand, ever), getting the cording to be just perfectly snug on the edge without stitches showing was a big pain in the rear! Mom ended up helping me, and after a lot of turning and un-turning and sewing and sewing over again and again, we were finally able to say HURRAH!!!

Oh, and since Kel’s a lefty, I swapped the eyeglass pocket and the pencil pocket. I think she was kind of scared to see one of her old pair of glasses appear from the grave and into her gift.

Anyway, here’s a pic of the red buttons in action.

After much discussion with Dickson, we decided to use these instead of the cord stoppers because the ribbon I made for the page holder was a bit wide for the stoppers, and to compensate, I stupidly made the tabs that held the page holder longer, and thus the ribbon would fall out all the time. The red buttons turned out cute though. You just wrap the ribbon around it.

Yep, the back of the ribbon is plaid.

And yes, I did eventually find the buttons that I had misplaced…doh!

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