My birthday was a couple weeks ago…

This is a little late of a post but…

Mmmm, does this Peking Duck make you drool? Just looking at it makes me want to eat it hah!

My 24th birthday was a couple weeks ago, and to celebrate, my family took me to Mission 261 — it’s a Chinese restaurant in San Gabriel. Delicious. We ate peking duck and dim sum. Yummmmy!!!!

They also got me two great sewing books! YAY!

My sister got me two Amy Butler patterns, but I look ugly in all the photos so you don’t get to see ’em. 😛

Dickson took me to Nike and he bought me a few new jackets. Here’s a photo of my favorite one!

He also got me a fleece jacket (complete with THUMB HOLES!) and a 1/2 zip long sleeve with a hood. It goes under the above jacket if it’s SUPER cold, and it has thumb holes, and it wraps around my head, and I feel like a swimmer in a swim cap when I’m wearing it. You seriously only see my round face. It’s so great. LOVE IT!

I have one more birthday present coming up. Can you guess what it is? It’s on my to-buy list

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3 Responses to My birthday was a couple weeks ago…

  1. glitznvixen says:

    OMG do they always have the duck head on the plate as a garnish???!!! I have never had peking duck so I have no idea!;)
    Those are the two books that I am contemplating on getting-lucky girl!

  2. Lynn says:

    So excited for your last birthday present. The green tea tapioca looks really good! I haven’t had that before. And I’m super impressed with your camera. I had to click over the flickr to see which one you were using. I also really like that you were so excited about your books that Bend the Rules Sewing is bouncing and out of focus. 🙂

  3. what do you think of the sewing book?

    oh and i’m glad you enjoyed your birthday, but i have to be honest – the peking duck doesn’t really float my boat.

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