New Checkbook

So I finally got the chance to have my new sewing machine get to know me. So, obviously, we’re gonna do this with baby steps. I wanted to originally make something great, huge, and grand as a first project with this machine…but…I figured I should get to know its quirks.

Originally I was going to make a piggy, but my new checks arrived today in the mail and I realized I had two checkbooks that looks the same. Great. Blue and plastic and very ho-hum. Not to mention they look just like Dickson’s. That made 3 identical books.

So, I decided to make myself one. First stop: Google. I didn’t find any tutorials that really screamed “MAKE ME!” when it came to checkbooks, so I decided to just wing it. I used the original plastic free ugly checkbook to make a template. Then, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Here’s the outside:

That giraffe is Dickson’s side kick, Tip Top. Cute isn’t he?

Here’s the inside, empty:

Sorry I don’t remember what any of these fabrics are. And I’m too lazy to walk downstairs to go read the nap of the orange fabric. I did get it as a free fat quarter from a Sew Mama Sew order though.

And here’s me holding it, just for size:

Normally, I don’t like looking at my checkbook. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of this one. 😀 I’m surprised it turned out this great. I’m LOVING the speed control thing on my machine. Using the super slow speed made the top stitching come out SO much nicer than I thought it would!

I’m thinking I might write a tutorial, but I dunno…never done that before. Sounds fun but intimidating. I might make another one for my other checks just so it doesn’t feel inferiorly ugly…

So what have I learned about my machine from this?
1) Speed control is awesome
2) How to thread
3) Bobbin stuff
4) How to clean the bobbin holder thingy and the feed dogs

Oooh, and I got my instruction manual spiral bound today at Office Depot. It looks AMAZING. It actually sits FLAT on the table. So cool.

One other thing….school’s resumed. Bleh. I have a class that goes for about 3 hours from 6-9 PM on Mondays. ICKAROO. I mean, it’s a good class, but I don’t like 3 hour lectures and I don’t like late lectures. And I don’t like how it might be canceled due to low enrollment after I already endured 3 hours of lecture.

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6 Responses to New Checkbook

  1. Lynn says:

    The fabric looks great! The yellow fabric is from the denyse schmidt line. I don’t know about the crazy-makes-my-eyes-go-everywhere blue fabric though!

    Your checkbook cover looks awesome, I may have to make some too!

    Have you tried the start stop button yet? Instead of the foot pedal?

  2. amatricis says:

    YES, I totally forgot! I used the start/stop button…SO GREAT. Still getting used to the needle up/down thing because sometimes I don’t stop early enough and it sews further than I want, but I’m getting the hang of it….

  3. vivekellyann says:


  4. Lynn says:

    You should stop early, then press the start stop button until you get to where you want. Each up and down is half a stitch, so if you stop with your needle down, press the button and it goes up. Press it again and it puts the needle down in the next stitch.

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  6. Linda says:

    I love your checkbook covers, thank you for sharing.
    I do have one question…what is the foot you have on your machine, looks
    like a 1/4 inch guide or something? What type of machine do you have.
    Thank you,
    Happy sewing Linda

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