Velma Bag

So I finished my first bag and “serious” project of the new year. This is Amy Butler’s Velma bag. My sister got me the pattern for my birthday.

The exterior is fabric I got from the Loft 1800 collection. I bought it awhile ago but I didn’t know what to make with it…I only knew I loved the print (and the color). So it finally made it into a project. I was going for this classy romantic feel…I hope that’s what it conveys.

The shoulder strap was originally supposed to be a 1/2″ cord wrapped in the same exterior fabric (per Amy B’s instructions). But, I decided not to go that route (never mind that I couldn’t find 1/2″ cord) and Dickson helped me pick out some coordinating cords to sew together. I wanted to braid them, but it became oddly bulky, probably because I had two thicker strands and one thinner strand. If you can’t see in the photo, there’s a black, dark green, and goldenrod strand. I thought it worked well.

What I love love love about this bag is how it’s so elegant and classy on the outside, but totally cutesy on the inside. It’s like a surprise everytime you open the bag. And it makes sure you don’t forget your morning/afternoon/evening coffee.

Dickson helped me pick out this cute espresso-themed fabric that matched the purple really well. It’s a heavier weight fabric with a coarser weave, but it was a great match.

Here you can see the pocket inside. The bag is big enough to hold me keys, wallet, phone (perfect fit in the pocket!), and chapstick. I probably can’t much else, so it won’t be a daily purse. But I do love it…even though I put the snap on slightly off center. Oh well. It adds to the charm, right?

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One Response to Velma Bag

  1. Lynn says:

    Cute!! I can’t remember though, do you like coffee? I love love love the outside fabric!

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