Mini Tour

So the other day, Dickson and I went to downtown LA to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall. After a lot of driving around one way streets, we never reached our destination. I did get some pics though. I’ve always wanted to take pics of freeways and such, so this is gonna be pretty photo intensive…indulge me 🙂

So here’s a mini tour of my life between school and home.

Even though I’ve lived in OC pretty much all my life, I’ve only gone to downtown LA once or twice. And I can’t really remember being smack in the middle of downtown. So it was pretty cool, being stuck in the car on 5th street, with the only view of the skyscrapers being from my sunroof…

We were there near lunch hour, so there were quite a few people walking around in suits and such. We also drove through the jewelry district and the fashion district…well, we saw lots of people, traffic lights, buildings, and cars. I hate how the streets sometimes just go from being two-way to one way. Like in this photo:


Anyway, here’s some more cars, people, and buildings:

Okay, so that’s what I’m always missing since I’m lazy to be cultural and adventurous…here’s what I deal with when I go to and from school.

Traffic. I hate traffic…who doesn’t? Fortunately, Dickson goes w/ me to school sometimes, and then we can carpool. Just look at the difference!

This is on the 110 freeway…I think I’ve already passed USC, which was the exit before. This is around 1 PM after we left downtown so traffic is “light”. Right…so now, imagine it when it’s NOT light. Yeah fun stuff! HURRAY FOR CARPOOL! Good for the heart, better for the environment.

This is my favorite freeway interchange.

I think it looks cool since there are so many carpool-to-carpool interchanges so there are lots of bridges. It’s the 110 and 105 freeway interchange. It’s named after someone, but I really can’t remember even though I’ve driven past the sign so many times. Oooh, and the last time I was on that really high part of the freeway (during my first year at USC) and it was kinda scary. It’s really high! I just tried to look far ahead of me and took deeeeep breaths. Now, when Dickson and I take this interchange (rarely though), I close my eyes. I’m a wuss, I know.

So, this is the 91 freeway.

That tacky looking casino and silly looking Scion xB signs are the landmark that YAY CARPOOL LANE STARTS! It’s been under construction, and parts of it are still under construction. But, the carpool lane on this freeway is pretty good! Oooh, and those diagonal lines on the casino actually light up at night. Tacky? Yes. Vegas-like? NO. Not even close.

So here we are approaching the 5 and 91 interchange. The bridges you see are more carpool-to-carpool changes. It’s super exciting. At this point, you’re practically in Orange County. That means, better traffic, bigger freeways, less cars…it’s FANTASTIC. Oooh, and on the right, you just passed Knotts Berry Farm. Yay?

Once you’re on the 5…it’s a lot emptier! For comparison purposes, I’ll put some photos side by side:

The left is the 5, the right is the 110 from earlier. Yeeesh. Fortunately, I only have to go through this twice a week. And usually the drive home is traffic-less. Traffic days aren’t very fun, but I guess I’ve kinda gotten used to it. Actually, I just don’t enjoy driving my butt to school, or having myself driven to school. I’d rather stay home and watch the online streaming, but my classes are so small (single digit enrollment!) that I’ll surely be missed (in a bad way 😦 ) if I skip. Looks like it’ll be a dedicated semester for me…

THE LAST SEMESTER. Hurrah for graduation!

On the bright side, we installed a short shifter on Penny awhile ago. It looks great! Shorter, too, obviously by the name. And, it shifts much better. Something about ball bearings. The installation took awhile because some of Dickson’s tools disappeared from their storage spot. <sigh> But we managed to get it done. Looks great huh? Hurrah!

The shift knob is my Momo shift knob. It’s super awesome, too! Actually, we got it for Dad for Father’s day last year, but when we went to install it on the Si, it didn’t feel as nice because the shifter in Dad’s car needs a heavier knob. So after sitting around for awhile and installing it, we uninstalled it and then after some more thinking and mucking around, we finally put it on Penny. She’s a happy girl. It’s a great knob!

Okay so sorry if this post was totally uncrafty and uncreative, but I just wanted to share my freeway photos really 🙂 I need to get working on my Amy Butler Inspired bag soon! I designed the bag already and cut the pattern pieces…so now I just gotta cut the fabric and GO!!!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Ok, you’re right, that was boring. :P. But it was nice to see all the freeways again. I kind of miss southern california. Look at all that sun!

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