Marimekko Fabric

This weekend, Dickson and I went to the Carlsbad outlets. It’s been awhile since we went. We both picked up some new jeans (ugh, so hard to find good ones nowadays!)…Dickson got two pairs of Lucky Brand Jeans, and I got a pair of Gap jeans. Oooh how I love my new Gap Long and Lean Jeans.

Yeah right, like I’m anywhere near “long and lean.” I picked up an ankle length, too and it’s still too long! I have some hemming to do soon…that’s okay, it’s really a matter of doing it…then they’ll be perfect! Basically I get to cut off the flare part which leaves them looking like bootcuts. Yay, perfect!!

We were at the outlet for quite a few hours…when we finally finished making a big circle we passed by Crate and Barrel where I saw bolts of Marimekko fabric!

I’ve been eyeing that stuff on Reprodepot for so long…too pricey for me though at $32+ per yardish. But, while the stuff the outlet had wasn’t in season, it was very very very discounted. We’re talking $7/yard. And they had remnants for $0.95 per pound (yes, they take a scale out and weight it). So after I oggled for awhile and settled on what turned out to be two pounds of remnants, I walked around the store and found myself in the napkin section.

The napkins are about the size of a fat quarter! And at the outlet, they’re practically priced like a fat quarter from any given quilt shop ($1.50-$3.00 each)! So yeah, I picked up 6 napkins. They had two closeout napkins as well, for some small amount, too.

Oooh I was such a giddy girl. I never thought I’d be buying fabric at Crate and Barrel…usually I get kitchen stuff. You know every time I go to San Diego now, I’ll be stopping by to pick up more. Not like I know what I’m doing with any of them (some of the big prints will probably become pillows hehe), but they’ll be there for when the perfect project comes up.

I poked around C&B’s site after I got home, and I noticed they also have napkins made with Kaffe Fassett fabric! They probably have other popular fabrics, too, but I’m not that fabric nerdy yet 🙂

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2 Responses to Marimekko Fabric

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow! I’m so jealous! I’ll have to see if there’s a crate and barrel outlet around here. And really, when you said long and lean jeans… i thought.. what? has she really changed that much since i last saw her? :p

  2. Alexander says:

    We also love Marimekko fabrics and felt that we wanted to promote our love for these designs by manufacturing and marketing Marimekko Fabric, Wall Hangings in a range of colours and sizes to suit the modern home and office.

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