No Cash Wallets

Whipped these up today while Dickson was on his bike ride. They’re for a really really really REALLY late Christmas gift.

These are the No Cash Wallet from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules to Sewing book that I got for my birthday. I picked up the fabric a couple weeks ago at some local quilt shops. I enlarged the pattern as instructed, and it was a tad snug upon finishing, so I redid it but added 1/4″ around all edges. Now it’s really nice. The pockets turned out a bit deep, but I guess now you can stash a couple folded bills, so it’s not REALLY a no-cash wallet. But close enough 🙂

I also skipped the button because it made them too bulky to shove in my pocket. I figure a small wallet must fit in girl-jeans’ pockets. I mean…those pockets won’t fit ANYTHING! I might make one for myself to go with my zillions of purses.

So now that I have those done, I can turn my attention to my recent project I mentioned in my last post. But it won’t be done this weekend as I had hoped because I have some major coding to do for school 😦 Ugh, how the weeks go by so quickly! At least next Monday is President’s Day meaning I have the day off! That means no 6-9 PM class! WHEEEEEE!!!

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