Button Scarf Done!

Wowie I’m on a roll this weekend! My cousin convinced me to join Finny and Donk’s Sewing Adventure, so here’s my button scarf!

I decided to make it two sided, so this is the first side. I found a washable wool herringbone fabric on Ebay, and I was SUPER excited. I also found some plum colored cashmere bits (11×14″ each sheet only!), and decided I’d make it work. More on the cashmere in a minute.

The button is from Etsy. I think it’s made of glass (or something equally clinky). It has a blueish pinkish purplish hue, which is tough to capture in the light, but it’s SUPER pretty. I found it and I HAD to have them. There were 2 big buttons and 2 small buttons, and yes, I bought all 4!

Anyway, so on the other side, I pieced together three strips of my precious plum cashmere I found. They were $2 per 11×14″ piece. I only needed 1.5 pieces! And it came out to 33″ EXACTLY after piecing.

Obviously, that’s me being very happy about the $3 in cashmere I used. I’ve got leftovers too, because I was paranoid I’d mess up royally, so I got 5 sheets haha…yay me!

The button is a dark brownish reddish wooden button I found at Joann’s.

Since the piecing of 3 pieces meant I had two ugly seams, I decided to decorate them so it would look like I did it “on purpose”, “by design” blah blah blah…I tend to do that with just about EVERYTHING.

See what I mean by the seam would look totally ugly without them? Anyway, so here’s a closeup of the pretty stitches:

Obviously I’m just trying to find an excuse to use the cool stitches that came on my sewing machine…YAY ME!

I also added a layer of batting to give the scarf some body…and some warmth. As if I need anymore…but YAY! I love this scarf…Dickson says it’s itchy (yep, I made him try it on), so that means it’s ALL MINE. 😀

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2 Responses to Button Scarf Done!

  1. Lynn says:

    Hurray, I’m so glad you’re joining. Scarf looks great!

  2. Kim U says:

    I love that button! And what a seriously great deal on the cashmere!

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