Why Mommy?

I think this face is appropriate for today:

This is Paisley loafing around and asking me a few things just by looking at me.  First, she’s asking me why I normally cover up the beautiful maroon carpet she loves.  Usually, it’s because I set up a bed on the floor.  And, I guess by covering it up, Paisley can’t scratch at the carpet.  She loves that for some reason.  Yeah I have no clue either.

Secondly, she’s asking me why I don’t finish my homework earlier.  Well Paise, that’s because I’m lazy and I don’t start till Monday.  Maybe I should start starting earlier so I can nap in the library on Mondays instead.

Thirdly, she’s wondering how the hell I managed to walk into a speed limit sign today after lunch.  I have this mark down the length of my upper arm from walking into a sign attached to a traffic-light pole.  yeah, not smart.  That’ll leave a bruise.  At least I didn’t hit my head.  And I guess it’s okay since I was laughing while in pain.  What a torn feeling…being in pain and laughing at my stupidity. 

And lastly, she’s wondering why I’m blogging and not petting her.  I guess I’ll go pet the princess now.

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1 Response to Why Mommy?

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh Paisley, you look so well fed! And that is hilarious about the speed limit sign.. i wish i was there to see it!

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