Really Really Really Late CD Reviews

Well it’s been forever since I wrote about any new CDs Dickson and I have purchased. Better late than never, right? I actually have quite a few, but I’m lazy. So you’ll have to settle with three.

First up is Transformers: The Score. It’s no longer available on Amazon though. This isn’t the soundtrack for the movie, more like the the instrumentals behind the movie. So none of the modern overplayed pop stuff that is in the soundtrack itself. SUCH an amazing CD. Honestly if you liked the movie, if you like strong moving orchestra music, or if you need some badass driving music, I’d say this CD would fit the bill. Not ideal study music because you’ll be thinking about robots and cars probably, but it’s still a fun CD 🙂

I recently picked up a copy of Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams. Ah, I love this CD. My favorite track is Banana Pancakes. Although, Dickson has noticed I tend to like songs about food. I don’t know why. Anyway, the whole CD makes me want to bob my head and smile like an idiot, but who cares? I have fun 🙂 It’s probably a total embarrassment to Dickson if I do this in the library at school. My cousin used to rave about Jack Johnson back when we were both at UCSD (whoa, I suddenly feel old…). I guess next on the list would be to see him in concert. I want to pick up a copy of his new CD some time soon, too.

Speaking of food, I also got a copy of Eric Clapton Unplugged. One of my favorite tracks is called Malted Milk. Dickson likes to play San Francisco Bay Blues all the time. Probably because it has a whole section where Clapton plays the kazoo! Actually, next time we drive up to San Francisco/Bay Area, we’ll probably be playing this song. Which means it’ll be stuck in my head for a long time. But it’s a great CD. I think I found this one at Borders and got it for $10 during some promotional period. Such a great deal! Wheee!!

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